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Snake woman :iconelhabanero20:Elhabanero20 1 0
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Snake woman
I hate to eound like a dork but the inspiration for snake woman, came from this girl I knew from
High school her name was Jennifer she was from Ecuador, and for some reason everyone in school hated her, I personally was suspicious, I was hurt to many times, and didn't want to be hurt again, but she came towards me and at we started to pick on each other but we eventually grew close to one another, ,guys didn't like her because she had braces and girls didn't like her because whe wasn't sadistic like they were but I didn't give a rats ass, as matter of fact that's what I liked about her, that she was different, but I guess she could not stand the torment much longer, and a month later she transferred to another school, without a word, so I created the character in her likeness, to keep the memories we had together mother told me that culturally it's forbidden for a Ecuadorian and a Cuban to be together, and I told my mother that I would gladly give it all up just for one more day with Jennifer, well please enjoy and Gracias.
Un Hispanimation Classico, Tito el mal chihuahua
Once more I also wanted to continue el hombe Mambo espiritu Por la triadicion de, combinint chuhuahuas with animation, once in a while, Gracias and please enjoy.
As long as I can remember  that
Is pretty much all my life, ,people
I have had to unfortunately  deal
With struggle and strive.,people
Have been finding new ways to
make Me feel blue but the one
That hurt the most was
"WHAT are you? "and when I
Answer them they give me
A suspicious  glare, and tried
To deny because of my hair.
So since they don't  like i it
I say loud and I say proud  
Yo soy puertoriqueno ,yo
Soy cubano,  yo soy latino.mi
Nombre  es lord blackburn
A.k.a elhombremambo  esta
Es mi historia.


Elhabanero20's Profile Picture
lord blackburn
United States
I was born in Miami Florida and I am puerto rican and Cuban
I am a cartoonist and my art usually includes comics and portraits involving latin American culture and struggles and strives of Latin women and latino men.while also commenting on pop culture and making fn of gringos.


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